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. "early start" begins now. >>> rigged to explode. cnn with exclusive details of the arsenal of home-made bombs found inside the aurora shooting suspect's apartment. >>> penn state slammed. the penalty for the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. expected to slam the once-proud football program for years to come. >>> high-speed sacrifice, a police officer risks his own life, putting his cruiser in the path of a wrong-way driver. oh boy. that's true commitment there. good morning to you, welcome to early start, thanks for being with us, i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. and the economy taking the back seat for a moment to foreign policy when it comes to the presidential campaign. >> we'll talk about mitt romney's trip overseas and president obama's brand-new ad. >>> plus we're getting an idea of what the opening ceremony of the 2012 olympics will actually look like. >>> but first, exclusive new details about the apartment of james holmes, the suspected colorado shooter. a law enforcement official has described to cnn video taken from inside the apartment. he said it was
sister rachel was killed in columbine, said it's all about uniunituniunity. got to take a break. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. see you tomorrow morning. >>> deadly propaganda. a massive explosion the taliban claims that a large u.s. base in afghanistan. a vehicle loaded with explosives ramming the front gate. the blast felt miles away. >>> rigged to kill. inside james holmes' apartment, new information this morning on what investigators saw when they went inside. explosives, wires, gasoline. police telling cnn it looked like a setup in afghanistan, not the united states. >>> home sweet home. finally, the good news we've been waiting for. the value of your house going up for the first time in five years. >>> plus this. >> don't hit your head on the dock. >> no way. >> it's called speed kayaking. or at least trying to be that. our rob marciano taking a dip while trying out this lesser known olympic sport. get your life preserver. "newsroom" starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >>> we do begin with breaking news this morning. more security con
top stories, head to our blog, cnn.com/earlystart. >>> maine police releasing a video that looks like it was ripped from an action movie. a state trooper chasing down an elderly driver. it looks like a video game. going down the wrong way on the interstate. the trooper got the call during a traffic stop. and instead of chasing the car the wrong way down the highway, the officer floored it to the next exit to get ahead of the guy. he went exit ramp and bumped him. he bumped him with his own car at about 50 miles per hour. the trooper said he made the decision because if he had kept going and chasing the wrong way, people would have died. >> he risked his own life for that he's okay. >>> 17 minutes past the hour. let's get you up to date with this morning's top stories. >> good morning, exclusive new details this morning about the rigged explosives discovered in the apartment of suspected movie theater gunman, james holmes. >>> a law enforcement official describing video taken from inside that apartment. he says it was set up like something you would find in afghanistan or iraq. the sus
in, what could have happened? she had told cnn that obviously she was very afraid having known what was in there now. but, you know, that could have ended her life. it could have, you know, ended the lives of all of the people in that apartment complex or first responders. so i think the big outstanding question now, and i don't know that we'll ever get an answer, is why would he tell police that there were explosives if it was set up to detonate and kill. >> yeah. so many questions. poppy harlow reporting live for us. >>> james holmes, the suspect, his first appearance in a colorado courtroom was bizarre. was he slipping into madness? was he faking it? he was sporting that mop of orange hair. and his expressions ranged from shock to confusion to sleepiness. cnn's jim spellman was inside the courtroom from that hearing -- for that hearing, rather. he is joining us from aurora. jim, describe what it was like inside that courtroom. >> reporter: there was a lot of anticipation. people were there an hour and a half, two hours early. one-half of the room was press. the other half was fam
video of the suspect, james holmes' booby trapped apartment tells cnn it was rigged with more than 30 homemade grenades and ten gallons of gasoline. the source says that would have created a fireball knocking out walls engulfing the entire building in flames undoubtedly killing many more people. cnn's ed lavandera is joining us now once again from aurora, colorado. ed, what else are you learning? there are new developments emerging even as we speak. >> reporter: well, there's a great deal going on behind the scenes, but now there's a great effort to make sure that the principle players and many of the people involved in these investigations no longer speak publicly about what is going on. the judge issuing a gag order. ever since that has happened, it's become much more difficult to be able to report on this story and to keep up with what is going on. but we're told a few days ago by the police chief here in aurora that today, tuesday, would be the day defense attorneys would get a chance to go through the movie theater to do their own analysis inside the movie theater and gather thei
cnn he rigged 30 homemade grenades and ten gallons of gasoline to blow if someone walked inside. cnn learned the details from a law enforcement official who has seen video from the inside. the official adds it was rigged to a control box with wires like, his word, spaghetti. a former fbi agent said the setup was like something you'd find in iraq or afghanistan. >> this is one of the first times we've seen a house bomb in the united states. some of these things do exist overseas. we have seen them in places like iraq and afghanistan. also, in colombia, south america. this is the first one i can recall seeing or reading about in the united states where it was set to destroy the home. >> crews spent more than 24 hours sizing up the threats within that apartment. they took some of the materials here to the secure field and detonated them saturday. one theory is that holmes booby-trapped his apartment and played loud music to lure someone inside triggering this massive blast. his downstairs neighbor said she almost went inside to deal with the music and figure out why it was so loud. she
on. cnn's tom foreman has been investigating. tom, take us inside what was clearly designed to be a death trap, that apartment. you've been looking at how it was all assembled. >> yeah, wolf. this is really one of the great mysteries of the story. exactly what was the configuration inside this apartment. i want to talk about what we do know. look at this video from a few days back when authorities were trying to get in to this place. they were looking through the window moving very slowly. all explanations are because inside they were being met with an array of different explosives and triggers and potential problems. what do we know about what was inside that apartment? well f you look at this diagram here, it gives you some idea of what we're pretty certain of at this point. in the middle of the room were about 30 of these canisters, each about the size of a softball. this is the same sort of thing they use for fireworks displays that shoot up into the air. these we believe were packed with black powder. now, the way they were packed and the way they were wired would make
talking about that person? i would love to see and i'll give you a challenge. i would like to see cnn come out with a policy that said moving forward, we're not going to talk about the gunman. what we're going to say is a coward walked into a movie theater and started shooting people. he's apprehended, the coward's in jail, he will never see the light of day again, let's move on to the victims. never talk to him again. and i'll tell you the analysis i'll give or analogy. i'm not great with words right now. not been my best week. if you think about it, you used to see people jump on the fields all the time -- everybody would cover it and everybody would laugh, right. the networks said we're not going to cover that anymore. when was the last time you saw somebody jump on a field? that's a completely different level, right? but there's a lot of reasons. we always say why, but we never know why. we've got enough data, let's start figuring out why. and i'll guarantee one of them is because they want to be on television. they want to be infamous. we can stop it. we can't stop it. we can only get
in the united states where it was actually set to destroy the home. >> the source for cnn talking to our reporter poppy pharlow it looked like massive spaghetti and wires all connected. would this something incredibly complicated and the suspect would need quite a fair amount of expertise to be able to do this? >> no, you know, the expertise is out there. i think he's -- you look at his peddegree that i was a graduate student working towards his ph.d.. i think he had the education and knowledge, it is on the internet. with a little bit of common sense and he has quite a bit of that. very intelligent. he just put it all together and had something ready to go for the apartment. >> that's awesome. poppy harlow was talking to a source who said this, the flame would have consumed the entire third floor of the apartment complex by the time a fire truck would have arrived to the building, completely consumed in flames. the damage potential seems massive and at the same time, what we know about the suspect he tipped off police when they were able to apprehend him. those two things seem almost co
his bizarre appearance in court yesterday. cnn has new information, a law enforcement official who viewed videotape taken inside the apartment says this, mess of wires looked like spaghetti and it was rigged quote, right. if police hadn't dismantled the explosives the entire floor could have been consumed by flames before the first fire truck arrive. the aurora police found 30 improvised explosive devices surrounded by gas containers of gasoline. the gasoline was meant to enhance the effects of the blast. all of that brings us right to jim spellman. he's standing outside the theater. we can see the neon sign behind you. let's talk first about this video. i know it's black and white. what more can you tell us? >> yeah, police describe this whole apartment as being designed to kill. all rigged up to a trip wire at the front door. it took them almost two days before they could figure out how to dismantle this safely, ult the matly using water to render inoperable this control box. fortunately there wasn't a timer to it because they needed that much time to sort out how to do it. when
of the major special events of the sport. >>> this hour in the cnn newsroom we are focusing on the politics, technology and new york's controversial soda ban. we said to get right to it. >>> as the violence in syria escalates, the european union is calling for tightening sanctions. in may of last year. eu banned exports to syria. now member nations will be required to search ships and airplanes suspected of carrying suspicious cargo to syria. meanwhile, the opposition reports heavy fighting in aleppo and damascus, saying 54 people have been killed across the country today. >>> it is a first for philadelphia as well as the united states. a judge has sentenced monsignor william lynn to years in prison, the first roman catholic official to be convicted 6 covering up claims that priests were molesting children. >>> and graham spanier says his massive -- this is a quote -- massive and abuse as a child make it illogical to believe he would ignore allegations against sandusky. he's nobody the chargedy connection with the case, but an investigation by ex-fbi chief louis freeh concludes that he help
guest tonight is the editor at large for "time" magazine and the host of cnn's "fareed zakaria g.p.s." his book is now out in paper back. please welcome back to the program fareed zakaria! (cheers and applause) >> jon: the post-american world is now out in paper back. i happen to have the e-book of it. a wonderful read on an, book machine. (laughter) do you have an e-book machine? >> i do have an e-book mashine. i get royalties either way so i'm delighted. (laughter) >> jon: is that true? even if... because if it's on an e-book machine i assume it was just free. like e-books didn't count. >> no, no, it just means whoever was cutting down those trees and doing all that, they don't get the money. the content producer as we are called, we still do all right. >> jon: thank you for putting me in that category. (laughter) did you write this by yourself? were there no... >> well, you know.... >> jon: okay, then. >> couple guest writers. research assistants. >> jon: were you laying out any fore skins for anybody else? little buckets here and there? let me ask you a question. you know a l
council. we never saw what happened to him. ivan watson, cnn, atareb, syria. >>> here are some of the mohr stories. london's last-minute scramble to get more security. why the city is adding hundreds of troops now. >>> and an all-girl punk band takes on president putin, using music as a form of protest. >>> but they are now paying a big price. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to a
it could be months before they decide whether to seek the death penalty. cnn's ed lavandera joins me now. ed, it's very interesting to see him in court with that bright red hair, almost looking like someone who was possibly medicated or hadn't slept a lot. paint us a picture for what it was like to get a glimpse of holmes today. >> rorter: it was tough, i would imagine, for the many people who were intently watching this. he appeared as some sort of comic book character emerging in that courtroom. but i think after everyone got over the shock of seeing the red hair, the attention really turned to his demeanor. and i think people were just stunned by his complete dazed look, bewilderment at times, confused. he appeared sedated and completely out of it in many ways. it's led to a lot of speculation throughout the day that he might have been medically sedated by authorities here in the jail in arapahoe county. we've reached out to the sheriff's office in charge of that jail. they say they cannot tell us whether or not he's been medically sedated or given anything. the speculation will have
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, cnn, new york. >> we can't say anything. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, al qaeda rising. i'm live from a refugee camp miles from the border of northern maly. more than a quarter million refugees have fled the country, more than twice as many as syria. they're flegel indicated linked extremists. here here is leon panetta shortly after the killing of osama bin laden. >> we're in reach of defeating al qaeda. i think we had them on the run. i think now is the moment. >> reporter: but here on the frontier of northern mally, al qaeda and other extremists are getti getting strength. and the fear is this could become a new safe haven for terrorists. we have heard horrible stories about what is happening and you're going to hear them. but sharia law is the rule. today i called the military leader for an czar al din, the main islamic radical group linked to al qaeda here. we wanted to tell you their side of the story, but here's what happened. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: yes, this is omar. hello? >> hello. >>
. a source who viewed the video from inside the apartment tells cnn it contained more than 30 home made green mads and ten gallons of gasoline meant to harm or kill anyone who entered. cnn's ed lavandera is "outfront" in aurora, colorado. ed? >> reporter: hi, john. we learned today that the judge in this case who is overseeing the criminal part of james holmes' criminal case has it moves forward, he did allow cameras in the courtroom as we documented and you saw yesterday for his initial hearing. but that judge has now made the decision the next time james holmes appears in a courtroom here in colorado, the cameras will not be allowed inside. and that hearing is scheduled for next monday. and as you mentioned, john, that's when prosecutors will begin laying out the criminal charges against james holmes. >> what more have you learned about the explosives in the holmes apartment? >> reporter: you know, investigators have been describing it as a sophisticated set-up that james holmes created inside the 800 square foot apartment where he was going to school. but law enforcement tells cnn there wa
. i'm alison kosik in new york. -----end----- cnn.script----- traffic deaths are on the rise. rise.how many people have lost thier lives on the road... in the first six months of the yea. year.penn state's 60 million dollar fine.. could make a big impact across the country.the child abuse centers right here in baltimore hoping to expand because of it. 3 the push to raise the minimum wage.why some think it will bring people back to baltimore. on fox 45 news at five. 3 3 3 3 3
. a law enforcement source tells cnn that holmes was bent on using the explosion and fire that would, quote, consume the entire third floor of his apartment complex. neutralizing that network of homemade bombs was a complex and life-threatening process as my colleague randy ki kaye reports from aurora. >> reporter: members of the atf, fbi, aurora police, bomb experts, even chemists gather at the suspected shooter's pardon me and devise a plan to get inside. they call it a controlled debt nation. >> first and foremost is we need to render the area safe. the most immediate threat is the trip wire. >> reporter: it's just after 8:00 a.m., and this team has already been at it for more than 24 hours. trying to figure out a way to defuse or detonate explosives the suspect set inside. through the window of his third floor apartment, they can see a web of trip wires, and a living room full of about 30 homemade ieds strung together with firecracker shells. there are also jars of black powder and liquid accelerant, cans of gasoline, too. at 10:33 a.m. progress. >> we have been successful in def
years ago. we had a conversation about her being part of when i was at cnn the coverage of the very last shuttle mission. >> so when you -- when you did this lo those many years ago, did you have a sense that she was going to make history? >> well i hoped she was. i mean to have a friend a teacher, who could have done that was great. my finger were crossed but there was no guarantee that she was going to be the one but she was really good. she was really smart. >> she was your ta. i can't imagine there were too many women who were tas in, you know. >> no, very fews. basically even though she inspired so many millions she convinced me not to be an astro naught because she was far smarter than i was. i decided i will go into journalism. we will let her be the astronaut. >> since she stopped flying she has really pushed this issue. >> dedicated her life to science, especially creating sally ride science in san diego. >> what's that? >> it's mission it is to largely encourage girls but students of all persuasions to keep excited about science, to study it
out. i want to go through three of them quickly. pierce morgan on cnn came out. he works in a building with armed security, so if hack can be protected. simon rush can ko pissed off islamists. he had the luxury of armed security to save his sorry butt. as for bloomberg, he's sincere about gun control but shootings are up 11% in new york over last year. 18 homicides over the 4th of july week. he has stuff he has to deal with. >> we can't have guns in new york city. >> one thing -- when you say we should have this debate, there's a time and place for the debate, the problem is the time and place for the debate gets cold when you get farther away from these things and we cannot have that debate. >> when the bodies are still warm. >> this debate never gets cold. have it any day of the year. just wait until the -- can i ask dana something? why does every congress person, every mayor of every city, need to put a press release out in the aftermath of a mass murder? both sides of the aisle. >> this is from mexico. puts out a press release, dude, you're in mexico. you got serious problems. you'
, not, employees of the gsa. the gsa, according to cnn, spent more than 20 thousand dollars on team building cooking classes from 2007 through 2011.[sot in brian thompson/taxpayer]sot in 36:41 "it's absurd, i think it's absolutely absurd and i think it comes to pass that people believe you go to work for the federal government that it's almost a free rid and it's we get to do whatever we want because it's somebody else's money."trt=36:55trt=14 now 20 thousand dollars out of a budget of roughly 26 billion sounds picky. but its not the amount of money -- it's the culture. the same culture that spent more than 800 thousand dollars in 2010 on a lavish -- all taxpayer expense --shinding in vegas-- masquerading as a convention. sot in david williams]sot in 23:30:40 "a cooking class for employees is a pure luxury that's why taxpayers are frustrated and confused." trt=:05if this is the way the gsa operates -- remember it's supposed to be the gold standard -- setting an example for how all federal agencies how can taxpayers have any faith in the federal government.[sot in mileah kromer]
today, corbin, james holmes. >> i'd say as soon as i was watching the trial on cnn today, i felt completely numb. i felt no emotion whatsoever when i was looking at the face of the gunman. >> did he look dangerous to you? did he remind you of what you saw in the theater? >> honestly, looking at his face, he looked like an average person that you would see probably at a mall or anywhere common. you would not put two and two together if you saw that person and if you were there that night. you would never know. >> compare him to what you saw, the two gentlemen, whatever you saw, compare him to what you saw in the theater the night that everything went horribly. >> the night in the theater, as soon as the door swung open and the person in black walked into the theater, this person had a stroll like he knew what was going on, like he knew what was supposed to happen, like it was supposed to be a walk in the park and he was going to have a good time. that's what it looked like. >> is there any way you can connect the two? can you identify him as that guy, the one who killed the 12 peo
-span2 at 1:00, cnn correspondents judy woodruff and gwen hill will speak. they are coanchoring the upcoming coverage of the democratic national convention. their remarks start 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >>> earlier today on capitol hill consumer financial director bureau richard cordray testified before the house oversight subcommittee on financial services about consumer access to credit. until 1:00 we'll show you a portion of director cordray's testimony beginning with his opening statement. >> thank you, chairman mchenry, ranking member quigley and members of the subcommittee. thank you for inviting me back today to talk about the importance of the availability of credit. at the consumer financial protection bureau we know that access to credit means access to opportunities. mortgages allow people to buy a home and spread the payments over years. student loans give people access to further education and credit cards give people immediate and convenient access to money when they need it. these products can help people achieve their dreams. unfortunately the financial crisi
more about what he allegedly planned, they just don't know why. randi kaye, cnn, aurora, colorado. >>> prosecutors prepare to formally charge james holmes with first-degree murder for friday's theater massacre, the big question is why. why would a 24-year-old who by most accounts was a brilliant student, allegedly go on this ruthless shooting rampage? it's unclear if holmes has been diagnosed with any mental disorder, but the video of holmes during his first court appearance yesterday is pretty revealing, and it was disturbing, and it's raising a lot of questions about his mental health. now, compare that moment to this video. this is holmes in high school giving a neuroscience presentation. >> i'm james. i have been working with a temporal illusion. it's an allusion that allows to change the past. >> his goals are to become a researcher and make scientific discoveries. it's a good start. >> came here tonight feeling like they have a super power and i might let them have more fun. >> that was six years ago. holmes was 18 years old at that time lecturing on illusions. i want to bri
were opposed to the arabs bring a they have hijacked it is getting very involved with cnn and now hot they see the saudis trying to knock off the iranian ally with syria. why don't the americans understand this? it is not accurate but this how they view it. but in addition to foreign policy concerns is that syria was a domestic issue in russia there is a general sense the assad regime will fall that putin is better off backing assad to the bitter end even if he falls then to be seen as conceding to the americans and making russia look and feel week and being implicated from that negative change that occurs in assyria. russia has written off syria altogether. they are much happier that way than cooperating and looking week. if syria is a domestic issue for russia we think we know something about how domestic politics could affect foreign policy. it should not be a surprise they are affected with this as well. what does this mean? it is obvious. we often heard the administration will help us with serious -- syria. lebanon does not see it in their interest foreign policy zero or domestic
, which i did not think is a good idea? i watched c-span, cnn, fox, and msnbc and it seems like between the -- it is so clear to me how the republicans are distorting the truth and very seldom do i care to the democrats distorting the truth. but my biggest question is, with the grover norquist tax thing and going over the cliff, if you have ever watched lawrence o'donnell on msnbc, he is encouraging everyone to go over the cliff because of that will go away with the bush tax cuts and everybody would be the to vote to lower the tax rates like grover norquist likes. could you talk about the idea of going over the cliff as being a good idea question of guest: first, let me quickly addressed the issue of the payroll tax holiday. we are in our second year of that. social security actuary, a nonpartisan independent guy looks at that and said very conclusively that in no way will it affect the solvency of the social security system. the reason for that is, for every penny not flowing into the system through payroll taxes, the law provides that the general fund will compensate the social securi
to a poll released last october. cnn point togher surveys saying that more people believe many protecting gun ownership rather than controlling it. we are back with more after the break. stay with us. few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. now in minis. [ man ] ever year, sophia and i use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪ ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thankyou points to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions. rewarding you, every step of the way. >>(narrator) bill press is on current tv. >>liberal and proud of it. >>(narrator) unafraid, outspoken, and above all politically direct. >>we'll do our best t
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